100% Pet Friendly… Holidays with Pets in Altea and El Albir

In this second blog post of mimar gestión hotelera, we give you options if you are looking for rental villas and apartments in El Albir with pets, or houses for rent in Altea, where you can enjoy your best free time with what is without a doubt, another member of the family. This is how mimar gestión hotelera is defined once again as a group of pet friendly establishments in Alicante province.

Nowadays, there are still few hotels that allow dogs, and therefore, among other reasons, you will surely decide to start your path for free and look for apartments in El Albir that allow animals. Look for the option you decide, we have for you all possible alternatives …

Hoteles con mascotas
Apartamentos para mascotas

Today, who does not occasionally think about sweetening his/her life betting on a small, or not so small animal?

There are those who pursue the exoticism of the felines, who prefer the magic of the birds or the discreet charm of the appeased Galapagos. And as? those who opt for man’s best friend.

Hotels with Pets Eltea

And we are never aware of how happy a four-legged hairy being can make us until we get to live with one of them. It is how we begin to perceive that charm, that happiness that they are able to transmit to us and that unbeatable unconditional company. In short, they give their lives for us, and they do it for nothing.

In addition, if you are worried about how to get to El Albir with your pet, we offer you the ideal transfer for your animal to spend those 30 minutes between the airport and your rental accommodation in El Albir, the best possible.

For this, we have the most distinguished and exclusive transfer service from the airport to Altea, and how not? to our paradise El Albir beach.

Apartamentos de Alquiler con Animales
Vacaciones con la mejor compañía

In short, in this publication we will offer you the best advantages of traveling with dogs to beach destinations like ours, and that you yourself check that added value that comes with traveling to apartments and houses for rent with pets.

Rental Villas with pets in Altea

Casas de alquiler en Altea con mascotas
Villas de alquiler en Altea

Wherever the city ends and the most absolute total calm begins, there is our most spectacular mimar villa altea. It is a paradise of 3000 square meters in which your dog will have more than enough space to move freely, even for running. No matter the size of your animal, in our popular altea villa you will feel at home …

This very complete rural house in Altea is at your disposal 365 days a year, and offers you a healthy, country setting, and at the same time full of glamor and elegance.

Casas Rurales cerca de Benidorm
Entrada a la casa

From there, you will marvel at spectacular views of the sea and the town of Altea, and you will see that it is the perfect place to spend a full day of barbecue and swimming pool, as well as to celebrate the most elegant night parties in the way more distinguished, elegant, and of course, with a total glamor in the purest Ibizan style.

In fact, mimar villa altea is considered one of the most chosen villas for the celebration of weddings in Altea.

100% Pet Friendly: Rental Villas and Apartments with pets in El Albir and Altea

Casas de Alquiler en El Albir
mora villas by mimar, El Albir

If what you are looking for is something simpler, but elegant and close to the beach, at the point where the sea and mountains converge, you will find mora villas by mimar.

We speak in this case of four beautiful villas halfway between the beach and the lighthouse of El Albir, in which you will have all the comforts you need in a large space in which a pool with which you can feel the most beautiful Mediterranean paradise in its purest form.

Casas de alquiler con mascotas en El Albir
Nuestra piscina en mora villas by mimar

This option is more appropriate if you bring small pets that do not need so much space to move freely, since the land and the pool are shared between the four villas. Even so, we accept animals, although the minimum standards of coexistence must be met.

Apartments for rent with pets in El Albir

Apartamentos de alquiler en El Albir
alborada golf by mimar

Our apartments alborada golf by mimar constitute a somewhat more dynamic and strictly tourist alternative than the previous ones.

Some holiday rental apartments in El Albir, which every year are the tourist target of many families, couples, groups of golfers looking for a quiet environment near the beach, among many others ..

It is a unique option if you have a small pet, who will enjoy a sunny environment, with an exceptional climate, and at a point on the beach of El Albir that stands out for its parks and long avenues, perfect always for a walk to any time of day Of course … in the summer months it is better to take advantage of the first hours and the sunset,

Nothing more for this week. We will return in a few days to tell you interesting things that can give you ideas for your vacation on the Costa Blanca.

You have an appointment with us for the next week…

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