The group mimar gestión hotelera with «La Vuelta 2019»

Just a few weeks ago, we got the great privilege of having establishments, already listed as Bike Friendly accommodation in El Albir. Due to this reason, creating an article in our blog about La Vuelta Ciclista a España 2019 in Benidorm, is part of our commitment to you, whether or not you are a lover or fan of cycling in Alicante. It is the best way we have to guarantee that we offer you the best apartments in El Albir for cyclists. In short, La Vuelta 2019 in Benidorm and the Apartments in El Albir for Cyclists will be the two basic pillars on which we will base ourselves to focus this new post in our blog.

Therefore, and as we explained recently on our presentation page of the holiday rental villas and apartments blog in Altea and El Albir, it will be from now on when you will begin to receive news and information about cycling in Alicante, and also a general level. And there is no better way to break the ice than talking about La Vuelta Ciclista a España 2019.

It will be like every year, an event more than symbolic in the country, which in addition to marking the beginning of the end of the summer, will repeat one of those occasions in which both Spaniash people and foreign visitors remain united by the sport.

Alojamientos para ciclistas en El Albir
Ciclismo en Altea

And although this year the traditional race will not go through any of our two destinations in which mimar gestión hotelera has accommodations, we can enjoy very close to La Vuelta 2019 in Benidorm. A few kilometers from us and in a few minutes, you can enjoy the second session of the race, which will have its starting point in Benidorm, and that will culminate in the emblematic city of Calpe.

The itinerary of the Spanish Cycling Tour in Benidorm

La Vuelta 2019 en Benidorm
Sierra de El Puig Campana en Alicante

The Tour will be in Benidorm during its second day of travel on August 25, after a start day in which they will have pedaled an important part of the south of the province of Alicante, around Torrevieja and its salt flats.

This second stage of the Cycling Tour in Benidorm will begin in the same European city of skyscrapers, and for a long and complex stretch of 200 kilometers, 199.6 to be exact, it’ll continue along Finestrat in the direction of La Nucía, neighboring town of Alfaz del Pi from where you will ascend to the picturesque Polop de La Marina, to continue along Callosa d’En Sarrià, the magical town of Guadalest in Alicante and Confrides, crossing its entire port.

Guadalest en Alicante
Paso de la Vuelta por Guadalest, Alicante

The tour will continue through Benasau, the «Alto de Benilloba», and will cross the city of Alcoy, as well as its neighbor Cocentaina, Benimarfull, Planes, Almudaina, Gorga, Castell de Castells and Benichembla.

From there the descent to the popular coastal town of Benisa will begin, passing through Benichembla, to culminate this second stage of Spanish Tour 2019 in Calpe.

Accommodations Bike Friendly in El Albir

In mimar gestión hotelera, as Bike Friendly establishments in Alicante, we opt for this exciting collaborative adventure for several reasons: firstly, because it is a real honor for us to be part of this great family, which is characterized among other things, by offer the best accommodations for cyclists in Alicante and other destinations; and secondly, to attest to that guarantee of quality to our clients such as villas and apartments in El Albir for cyclists.

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