The group mimar gestión hotelera with «La Vuelta 2019»

Just a few weeks ago, we got the great privilege of having establishments, already listed as Bike Friendly accommodation in El Albir. Due to this reason, creating an article in our blog about La Vuelta Ciclista a España 2019 in Benidorm, is part of our commitment to you, whether or not you are a loverSigue leyendo «The group mimar gestión hotelera with «La Vuelta 2019»»

100% Pet Friendly… Holidays with Pets in Altea and El Albir

In this second blog post of mimar gestión hotelera, we give you options if you are looking for rental villas and apartments in El Albir with pets, or houses for rent in Altea, where you can enjoy your best free time with what is without a doubt, another member of the family. This is howSigue leyendo «100% Pet Friendly… Holidays with Pets in Altea and El Albir»


We inaugurate this new blog of the group mimar gestión hotelera, and we do it with an article that you can find very interesting if you are an unconditional golf fun. From here we will tell you everything related to this exciting sport. But this week we will start talking about the world of golfSigue leyendo «GOLF IN ALTEA AND EL ALBIR»